What We Do!

For 40 years we have been bringing your horses safely home. We have remained a boutique International Transport Company, servicing Olympic teams, World Cup Equitation Teams, the majestic Cavalia show on multiple trips, across the world or just across America. Sometimes simply a beloved horse moving to a new home or the entirety of your show barn. We have partnerships around the world, and attention to your details and needs becomes the focus of our efforts to ensure safe passage and happy arrival.

Our network of relationships ensures efficient and secure travel to anyplace on the planet. World Championship horses, renowned stallions and mares have been part of our history and legacy. The web of both competitors and colleagues has seen Air Travel become safer and clients more involved than ever before.

The ability to track your horse during the journey, get updates, photos, contacts with Air Attendants and drivers is now easier than ever. We trust that you will continue to believe in us as we take care of our best friends, the beautiful and sacred horses in our lives.

We take great pride in our long-lived service and recognize that to compete in today’s marketplace new skills, focus and energy are required to excel, simply to keep pace is no longer the benchmark. We are committed to that intention, your horses’ safety, comfort, health at competitive pricing is our promise in covering all your transport needs.

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How Does It Work?

International Preparation

We plan the itinerary and begin vaccination, blood testing, health paper completion and trucking arrangements. We customize nutritional and Veterinary travel protocols to make sure that any specific supplements or medical needs are addressed in addition to health requirements.

International Air Freight

Airlines are contracted, schedules matched and International Customs and Taxes pre-arranged.

International Arrival

If USA importation, then we have arranged quarantine in either New York, Chicago, Miami or Los Angeles. If additional Quarantine is necessary for CEM horses, of course we have determined with you, what facility will best fit both final location and provide the best care for your horse(s).

If arrival is in Europe or Middle East, then customs, trucking, additional quarantines and or layovers have been decided on and horses quickly disembark and head to next step on the journey, All our partners are easily contacted and updates available on status, travel history and next phase information.

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What tests and vaccinations are needed to travel to and from USA, Europe and the Middle East?

Each region or country has different requirements for blood testing and vaccinations. Some countries require quarantine before export and upon arrival (USA in some cases, UAE, China, Japan), others only before export (Brazil, EU in some cases, Saudi Arabia, Qatar).

In all cases co-ordination between Health Ministries, Veterinarians and Kevin Roesch facilitates correct protocol and paperwork.

Can I travel with my horses?

The simple answer is sometimes yes but increasingly more difficult. Having a professional Air Attendant who can react and care for you horse, often certified by individual airlines, required by same Airlines, means you get the best care. They can be responsible for multiple horses on the flight and ease concerns when trouble arises. Certain airlines you can accompany your horse if qualified and experienced. Shifting policies most agree translates into Airlines insisting on certified and qualified Professional Air attendants.

How long is Quarantine?

Pre-export quarantine, for an example, from USA to Europe when required is normally 30 days. Some countries require 14 days pre-export with the same upon arrival in destination country. Extended quarantine for older mares and stallions (CEM quarantine) entering the USA from Europe is 14 to 28 days. Again, a changing landscape which we are adjusting to continually.

What taxes do I have to pay?

Entry in USA, 2018, there is no appreciable tax or duty on equines. Entry into Europe is upwards of 32.5% of value and air freight totals. China import duties are close to 50%. Other countries have a spectrum of percentages, which we update case by case.

Can I visit my horse in Quarantine?

In the USA, the 3 day initial quarantine, or the 7 day quarantine from select countries, the answer in no. Bio-security, disease vector control all prohibit owners, grooms or outside veterinarians from entering the quarantines (New York, Miami, Los Angeles) after horses have been processed into upon importation.

Continuing Quarantine for horses that must do additional Contagious Equine Metritis (CEM) quarantine generally allow owner or owner representative contact during those extra weeks of isolation.

Other countries have different regulations, some stricter than others.

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